Signature Cocktails

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  • Hangover

    Never Again

    Don't let a night of fun keep you in bed for days after. Visit us for some IV therapy to help you rehydrate, and relieve your hangover symptoms!

  • Beauty & Anti-aging

    Princess Again

    Hydration is the key to youthful skin. Our anti-aging drip can improve dry skin, blemishes, and signs of aging. Maybe our laugh lines help tell our story, but we'd rather remain mysterious!

  • Health & Wellness

    I Feeeeeel Good

    Even the best multi-vitamins/supplements, when taken orally, only average 20% absorption. IV therapy is a great way to boost your health and stay hydrated, with maximum absorption.

  • Cold & Flu

    Get Over It

    No one wants to feel cold and stuffy at the beach! Come see us, and we'll get your toes back in the sand in no time!

  • Fatigue & Jet Lag

    Myers Cocktail

    You can't enjoy our beautiful beaches if your body feels dehydrated and fatigued. enrG IV has the drip that will refill your tank!

  • Athletic Performance

    Elephant Stomper/
    Tiger Killer

    This IV can help enhance your performance, speed up recovery, and even increase your libido, with adequate hydration and nutrients.