Signature Cocktails

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  • Hangover

    Never Again

    Helps Headache and Nausea

    b-complex, + more!

    Don't let a night of fun keep you in bed for days after. Visit us for some IV therapy to help you rehydrate, and relieve your hangover symptoms!

  • Beauty & Anti-aging

    Princess Again

    b-complex, magnesium, vitamin c

    Hydration is the key to youthful skin. Our anti-aging drip can improve dry skin, blemishes, and signs of aging. Maybe our laugh lines help tell our story, but we'd rather remain mysterious!

  • Health & Wellness

    I Feeeeeel Good

    vitamin c, b-complex, magnesium, amino acids

    Even the best multi-vitamins/supplements, when taken orally, only average 20% absorption. IV therapy is a great way to boost your health and stay hydrated, with maximum absorption.

  • Cold & Flu

    Get Over It

    vitamin c, zinc, magnesium

    No one wants to feel cold and stuffy at the beach! Come see us, and we'll get your toes back in the sand in no time!

  • Fatigue & Jet Lag

    Myers Cocktail

    b-complex, vitamin c, magnesium, + more

    You can't enjoy our beautiful beaches if your body feels dehydrated and fatigued. enrG IV has the drip that will refill your tank!

  • Athletic Performance

    Elephant Stomper/
    Tiger Killer

    b-complex, magnesium, amino acids

    enrG IV can help you enhance your performance, and speed up your recovery. Adequate hydration and nutrients make it possible to push yourself and keep improving.

  • Immune Support

    Vim & Vigor

    Vitamin C, b-complex, and other powerful minerals and antioxidants

    If you suffer from chronic illness, and need extra support, or if you just want a quick way to boost your energy and/or immune system, you found it!

  • Libido Support for Women

    I’ll Have What She’s Having

    B-complex, Amino Acids + ask about our secret ingredient

    You get it.

  • Libido Support for Men

    The All-Nighter

    B-complex, Amino Acids + ask about our secret ingredient

    You get it.